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Spiritway Wellness

Sheila Seppi

SpiritWay Wellness Health Spa helps people of all abilities rebuild their body, mind and spirit.

Working with a variety of modalities, our progressive services help people get back to the activities they love. 


Sacred Geometry Healer

Jeff Krantz

Jeff believes in using Sacred Geometry to shape and elevate your life. 

He currently offers crystal grids and is  working on some amazing upcoming projects.


Galactic Ambassadors

Tamara Scott & Bill Crowley

Sharing knowledge, wisdom, tools and resources that may assist to raise consciousness.

Sponsoring or participating in events that raise consciousness, support research in the UFO phenomenon, or enable contact with our space brothers and sisters.


Love Has Won

Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

We are a Non-Profit Charity co-operation dedicated to raising the the Planet into Unity Consciousness. We are One in the Heart With Our sacred Mother, who we pray to daily. 

All proceeds from this go directly to our special projects aiding and assisting in Mother Earth's Healing.

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