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Spreading The Love through our healing art pieces.


We are Audrey and Fernando, two artists coming together to share our passion for Sacred Geometry through our energy power pieces. Divinely guided, it is our pleasure to offer you an opportunity to take in more light, more love, and an abundance of white light energy into yourself and your space. Our life purpose is to bring love, healing, wisdom, peace, and truth to ourselves and humanity. This is why all of our energy tools, our Sacred Geometry art, resonate with these principles. 
Sound a little far out? The real beauty is that you don’t have to comprehend a word about it in order to reap the cosmic benefits. There are reasons why the oh-so-wise have been continuously telling us to get outside and appreciate the beauty in nature in order to deepen our spirituality. Mother Nature is subconsciously teaching us with every detail of her creation, from the flawless designs in vegetation to the genetic makeup in all living things. Sacred Geometry shapes and images are the blueprints that make up everything in this amazing Universe we call home. What we are offering here in this shop are our human interpretations of this splendor, this brilliant creation.

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