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Fernando uses his hand built Sacred Geometry tools, multiple energetic healing techniques, crystals, intuition, and sound healing to guide you through a mystical experience of positive transformation.

Both of the healings described below are personalized and can be completed in person or remotely at the distance. It is our experience that the most impactful results occur when the healings are done in sequence, beginning with the Forgiveness Meditation.


During the Forgiveness Healing Meditation Fernando takes you on a journey meditation connecting you with Mother Earth and the Universe, bringing forth unconditional love into your mind and physical body to ignite your divine spark from your heart.  Through this process we are awakening the seed of your light body. By doing this we expand that spark surrounding you in a geometrical pattern serving as a protection and amplifier for the new frequencies of transmutation, forgiveness, and healing which we are able to bring forth in this elevated state of consciousness. 

The Release of a Negative Emotion Healing as an accompaniment to the first healing because it is most desirable to dive into the subconscious mind when you are already in a meditative state.  This is a more interactive healing, involving the discovery of your most pressing negative emotion. Then through the use of symbolism and the connection with your subconscious mind Fernando helps you to replace that negative emotion with a positive symbol which will serve as a tool that he will teach you how to utilize in your daily life. 

This healing combined with the first is approximately one hour long.



Merkaba Energy Healing


Activate Your Lightbody

Align Your Chakras

Harmonize Your Frequencies

Transmute Negative Energy

Cleanse Your Aura

Raise Your Vibration

Relieve Tension

As you sit inside the 7ft copper Merkaba you may feel a deep sense of love and peace. Many people experience a strong sensation of releasing, the letting go of that which no longer serves them or negative and stagnant energies.

Want to have your own experience in our Merkaba?

We bring our big Merkaba to all of our events.

*See where to catch us on our Home page.


At events we typically offer both healing types while you sit inside of the Merkaba, for a profoundly powerful healing experience. 

We are available for sessions at 

SpiritWay Wellness Center in

Avon, Colorado.

Call 970-763-5689 to book today.

Live in Colorado? We are also available for booking at your home or healing center.

We've found that each healing ceremony is beautifully unique and we would love to honor your vision to the best of our ability, so if you are interested in booking us for a day or event give us a call or submit your inquiry below so we can brainstorm together.

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