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Seed of Life wood Pendant with a 2-D Merkaba carving on the flip side. Both sides are painted with Love.


Photos are of the same two pendants in different light to give you a good idea of shade and sparkle 💖


The pendant is 1.5" diameter and approximately 1/2cm. wide.

This pendant comes on a blue chord. The chord is tied with a sliding knot making it approx. 6.5" at its shortest length and approx. 13" at its longest. 


Each pendant is unique. 
*Wood color varies from piece to piece*
Fernando crafts and carves them with the use of his CNC machine, including the detailed Seed of Life and Merkaba carving featured on each one.
Audrey sands and adds finish before hand painting each piece, then seals them once more for protection.

My painting process includes tuning into my higher self and channeling all that is love, light and healing in this Universe. Before I began to paint I ask that my design will bring forth an unconditionally loving energy which will benefit anybody who comes in contact with it and that only the highest and best vibrational frequencies come through me and into my work. I only complete my pieces when I feel in my heart that it holds the right energy and will truly benefit the owner.

We encourage you to use your intuition in your use of this Seed of Life Pendant.   
If it feels good; wear it daily, put it under your pillow at night, hang it in your car or workspace, use it as a keychain or a bag accessory, keep it in your meditation space or on your altar, or even use it as an amplification tool for your healing modality. These are only some examples, the number of uses is endless. Have fun finding the perfect place for this amazing energy tool in your life!

Electric Blue Seed of Life & Merkaba Pendant

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