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One Merkaba or Star Tetrahedron is made of copper, measuring 4 inches from point to point, complete with crystal hanger and one healing crystal.This Merkaba was handmade from start to finish, each step a labor of love and patience. We infuse these beautiful energy tools with positive intention, unconditional love, and healing energy to provide a powerful healing and meditation tool.

This Merkaba is a positive energy power multi-tool which will amplify:

-The transmutation of dense energy into good and light. 
-The expansion of healing abilities and healing environments. 
-The frequency of your meditation and positive intentions.
-Your connection with God’s unconditional love, bringing light and peace into yourself and your space.
-Protection against any lower vibrations or dark forces.
-Wisdom and knowledge; the Merkaba will help you to understand more of the ancient knowledge that is encoded in Sacred Geometry, as well as your capacity to receive answers to personal questions.

Merkaba Star-Tetrahedron

  • A little bit about the Merkaba:

    When you break down the word Merkaba, it means: 
    Mer-Rotating Field of Light 
    This phenomenal sacred geometry shape is also known as the Body Of Light or Chariot of Light, and other variations. It is considered a powerful symbol of ascension and cosmic travel, used in meditation by many and even referenced in sacred texts as the vehicle for ascension.

    The knowledge and wisdom contained in this design is seemingly endless, it is an ancient symbol, studied and glorified by many all over the world.


  • -Why the Merkaba?

    We could go on and on about our love for the Merkaba and its qualities, but our main reason for making our pieces listed here lays heavily upon its healing capacities. We believe that of our key contributions to the enlightenment of humankind is to activate the Light Body contained in each individual; this can be done through healing and meditation. Utilizing our pieces as energy healing tools can aid in the activation of your own Light Body or Merkaba. The power of this shape, especially when paired with the components of the copper material, is immense. We have seen and are believers that these Merkabas can greatly assist in the process of healing and spiritual development.

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