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Hand painted Sacred Geometry pattern over wood carved Fruit of Life. 
7.5" height with 3/4" thickness.
Wood carving completed by Fernando 33 and the use of his CNC Router.
Sanding, stain, finish, and acrylic painting by Audrey Flower.

Hand Painted Crystal Grid

  • Uses

    As a decorative piece this wood painting will emanate it’s positive healing energy into your space. It does not need your interaction in order to positively affect you and your surroundings.
    However, I do believe that if you choose to interact with your piece on a vibrational level (through meditation or an alternative method) you will find its energy strengthened and even more capable of meeting your personal needs or desires.
    If you are choosing to use the piece as a tool in your healing work or perhaps your personal healing, I encourage you to use your intuition in its placement. 
    I have found that holding it in my lap or setting it on the space in front of me has been a lovely enhancement to my personal meditation practice. 
    You may find that a focus on the design itself has its own set of benefits.

  • Creative Process

    My process includes tuning into my higher self and channeling all that is love, light and healing in this Universe. Before I began to paint I ask that my design will bring forth an unconditionally loving energy which will benefit anybody who comes in contact with it and that only the highest and best vibrational frequencies come through me and into my work. I only complete my pieces when I feel in my heart that it holds the right energy, that it will truly benefit the client.

    Each of my pieces is unique in design and nature. Additionally, I have found that the vibrational quality of each design resonates differently with each individual. There is a highly intuitive component at work here, which responds directly to the needs of the client. I believe that the open hearted channeling being used in my creative process allows for the sacred and truly amazing power of the Universe to come through and work its wonders in a limitless manner. 
    I encourage you to be playful in your investigation of how your piece can work with and for you. Just as I allow Spirit to guide me in my creative process, I believe that you will find great benefits from a humble, trusting, and intuitive approach to cultivating a relationship with this amazing energy tool.