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This powerful crystal grid is made from oak and is sealed with polyurethane. 


Each grid varies in shade and grain.

The grids are designed by Fernando, carved using his CNC machine and hand sanded with love.

The dimensions are 7"3/8 across with a varying thickness of about 11/16".


The uses of this grid are unlimited, your imagination and intuition are the only limit. 

We love to use ours as a healing tool, placing it below the person we are healing or even on top of their chest as they lay down. 
You can use it as a permanent fixture to your meditation space or altar placed down with your crystals on top.
Or even hanging on a wall as a beautiful art piece which will bring wisdom and harmony to your space.


🌟If you have any questions about our grids or have a special request please feel free to send us a message!
🌟We also offer painted grids and gladly accept custom requests.

Flower of Life Crystal Grid

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